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Flohotel - floating apartment in Gdańsk

Kamienna Grobla, Gdańsk

Opis apartamentu

Flohotel is the first, futuristic float house in Tricity. The apartment has a composite construction, whereas the outer sheating is made of laminate, the one which is used for yacht production. The innovative project was created to fulfill the most sophisticated and exacting guests.
The Float House is located 500m from the Old Town, 13km from the airport. The location is convenient, as there are the most recognizable Gdansk Monuments – The Neptune fountain, The Great Armoury, yacht marina, plenty of restaurants and cafés. Undeniably, your stay in Flohotel will be unforgettable experience, thanks to its location, design and breathtaking views.
Undoubtedly, inner and outer parts of the float house are considered to be a design icon, what catches the eyes and interests of the passers-by. The main advantage are definitely large windows, overlooking the river, filling out the whole flat with some sunlight. The interiors are enriched with plenty of extraordinary gadgets, which are not the classical ones, nevertheless practical and convenient. Inside of the apartment you can find comfortable sofa beds, laminate armchairs or innovative light system including also floor lighting.
We offer 80m2 float house, a bedroom, separated from the living room, with the view of the Motlawa river. The apartment consists of a kitchenette, a dining room and a modern bathroom with a shower. The apartment is equipped with air-conditioning system, fully equipped kitchenette, a coffee machine, a dishwasher, and smart TV.

Podstawowe dane

  • powierzchnia: 80 m2
  • pokoje: 1
  • łazienki: 1
  • Łóżka podwójne: 3
  • piętro: 0


  • WiFiWiFi
  • Kuchnia,aneksKuchnia,aneks
  • TVTV
  • RęcznikiRęczniki
  • Szampon, mydłoSzampon, mydło
  • OgrzewanieOgrzewanie
  • KlimatyzacjaKlimatyzacja
  • ŻelazkoŻelazko
  • ZmywarkaZmywarka
  • LodówkaLodówka
  • Ekspres do kawyEkspres do kawy
  • CzajnikCzajnik
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